MediaMonkey on a Surface RT  The 10th release of MediaMonkey for Windows 8 and Windows RT has hit the Windows Store. The media manger and player app has support for disc numbers as well as a nice long list of fixes. I am a big fan of this app, it’s a great way of playing music and video on devices like the Surface RT.

The app is free from the Windows Store.

Release notes

Release 10:
Added support for disc#
Fixed numerous crashes related to browsing / sorting / semantic zoom in large collections
Fixed UPnP fails completely in some environments
Fixed UPnP cache not cleared
Fixed ‘select all’ triggers a crash in UPnP views
Fixed UPnP message appears on non-UPnP views
Fixed covers not read from MP3 files with ID3v2.2
Fixed multiple values are presented without separating spaces
Fixed artwork doesn’t show in Live Tile / Volume Popup/ Notification popup
Fixed years fail to display in some cases
Fixed Lyrics settings don’t persist

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