Just posted tonight are beta versions of the new Media Browser 3 Server and Media Browser 3 Windows Media Center addin (Media Browser Classic). This is the first step in the Media Browser 3 story with clients coming for Windows 8/RT, Windows Phone and iOS. Media Browser Classic is a Windows Media Center addin that gives you traditional Media Center addin and the server is the backend that will power the new clients.

You can get the software from the download page on Media Browser site and you can hear Scott Lovegrove from the Media Browser team on The Digital Lifestyle Show Podcast #391

Via the Media Browser blog

I just posted links on our download page for public beta versions of both MB Server and MB Classic (the Windows Media Center client).


It has been the better part of a year since Luke first approached me with this hair-brained idea to completely re-build Media Browser for the future.  I have to say I was skeptical to put it mildly because the task he put before us seemed monumental and beyond the capabilities of a couple of guys in their spare time.  Well, here we are at a public beta launch for a couple of the core components of the new system.

In truth, it was a monumental task and we aren’t done yet — not even close.  But, we wouldn’t be even this far if not for the help of a relatively small group of folks who have given selflessly of their time and skills to get us this far.  I’m not going to try and mention them but they know who they are.  They are a group of amazing testers and thinkers and tinkerers and developers whom Luke and I will never be able to adequately repay and, without whom, Media Browser 3 would not exist.

So “Thanks” guys.  It’s been a fun ride so far and I think will only get better.

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