ITV Player on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

Since the launch of ITV Player for Android it has only worked on Samsung devices. Each time the app was updated I checked to see if there was support for more devices but it always seemed to be Samsung devices only. Well it’s now official that Samsung have exclusivity of the ITV Player android app until the end of August this year.

In a press release (via engadget) Samsung say that they have entered in to an exclusive partnership with ITV to offer the app on its platforms with ITV saying fragmentation issues have pushed them into working with Samsung and other device manufactures support will be offered in the future.

“We are very excited to have launched the new ITV Player app on Samsung devices. The fragmentation of the Android ecosystem is well known therefore, as a commercial broadcaster, it makes sense for us to partner with the leading manufacturer of Android devices to further increase our technical knowledge of the operating system. We plan to launch the app onto other Android devices in the future.”

I would imagine a few marketing dollars helped ITV along with the decision and to be honest I don’t there will be that much I will be missing on my Nexus 7. If you have a Samsung Android device you can get the app from the Google Play store for free.


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