gMusic on a Surface RT
Playing Google Music on Windows 8 and Windows RT gets better and better with the excellent gMusic for Windows Store. The latest update to the app adds an offline mode so you can listen to music while you out and about without internet access (you can pin tracks as you can with the Android apps). Also the app now pre-downloads the next track in the queue so there is no waiting for your songs.

You can read my full review of the app here and you can download the updated version from the Windows Store.

Release notes

[+] Offline mode (check the “…” button to enable it). No limitation for free version while in beta.
[+] Predownload of next song in queue.
[+] gMusicW caches album art locally.
[+] Add Application Settings button at “…” button, which provides easy access to application settings.
[b] gMusicW can continue to work on initial library load if it cannot load playlists.
[b] Song name on search page can be truncated without ‘…’.


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