We have talked about TV ambient lighting in the past on the podcast, it’s a technology designed to project ambient lighting behind the TV based on current picture. The demos are impressive but I have to say it’s not something I ever felt was worth the cost. However how about a DIY ambient lighting project using XBMC on the Raspberry Pi?

On the Raspberry Pi blog they have a new post highlighting a project created by Oscar Andersson that uses a Raspberry Pi to create an impressive lighting system. As you can see from the video bellow it works very well and looks great.

On his Facebook page he shows off what you need which as well as the Pi includes a custom build of XBMC and a lot of LED lights (104 to be precise). The custom XBMC build captures the image on the screen and then converts it to a data stream that a Raspberry Pi can use to drive the LEDs

There are step by step instructions and photos on the Facebook page, the results are very impressive!

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