XBMC 13 Gotham March Cycle

The XBMC team have detailed some of the changes in the March build of XBMC 13 code named Gotham. This month there are new features for iOS, Android, PVR and a new notification system.

The iOS version has speed and stability improvements as well as background audio. With the new version you can now send audio from XBMC to a UPNP client and control it from the iOS device. The Android changes seem to be under the hood and should make the app more stable.

In the PVR section the EPG button has been added to the home screen as a submenu for Live TV. There is now a system wide notification to show there is a new version something not in previous version of XBMC.

A full list of changes can be found on their milestone page and a summary is available on the XBMC.org blog.

We are now finished with month #2 of our monthly development cycle for XBMC 13 – Gotham. This month we see new features for iOS, Android, and PVR, as well as a new notification system, a new method for sorting images, and much more.

As always, this is merely a sample of the many changes this cycle. For a full list of all the March changes, feel free to take a look at our list of March milestones. It’s quite a long list this month. Also, keep an eye out for both the April Cycle and other stories on the blog. Or, if you are feeling a bit brave and a bit lucky, just start downloading. Be aware though, that this is very alpha software with potentially numerous bugs. There is a very good chance that this alpha will break on you.


OSX and OSX-x86-64


Apple TV and iOS installation instructions

Ubuntu users, please point to the unstable ppa as described in the Linux instructions

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