Plex have updated the Plex Media Server, this release focuses on fixes and improvements to the transcoder with increased transcoding performance. There are also lots of other fixes in the update which you can download from Plex. You can also read more about the update in the Plex forums.


Another new preview release. More sync and transcoder fixes. We are working hard on getting that experimental transcoder into best possible shape, please continue to test the experimental transcoder and report any transcoding errors or oddities.


Track whether H.264 has scaling matrixes during analysis, fixes playback failing on some High Profile files. Requires re-analysis.

Capture MKV header compression during media analysis.

(Transcoder) Support for burning TX3G subtitles.

(Transcoder) Improve media analysis for PCM audio files.


(Roku) Limit AAC to 256kbps, makes high bitrate files play.

(Sync) Fix an issue which could result in clients (like Kepler) not downloading image resources when syncing.

(Sync) Sync lists weren’t getting downloaded on startup.

(Sync) Fix sync breaking when items in single-item sync entries were deleted from the library.

(Windows) Fix when moving database to a UNC path.

Media analysis failed to capture MJPEG stream of chapter images.

Fix for bogus bitrate on Media elements.

Fix for new transcoder not working channels requiring headers.

(Transcoder) Another major speedup, up to 2x or so, should be faster than old transcoder in nearly all cases.

(Transcoder) Strip out metadata, fixes some files not playing when synced to Android devices.

(Transcoder) Fix for seeking with external VOBSUBs.

(Transcoder) Fix for resuming/seeking with external subtitles.

(Transcoder) Fix for PGS subs not working on Windows.

(Transcoder) Fix for audio never remuxing.

(Transcoder) Transcode choosing AC3 for stereo rather than AAC.

(Transcoder) Fix when transcoding DTS 5.1 to AAC 5.1.

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