Plex on Windows RT

Plex have updated the Windows 8 and Windows RT Plex app. The update app includes fixes for issues with playback like volume information being saved between sessions and lots of fixes to the remote control features.

The Plex app enables streaming of music, videos and photos from your Plex Media Server and iTunes as well as a content from YouTube and Vimeo. Plex service is free and the Windows Store app costs £2.19

Release notes

– (Playback) User-specified volume is now saved and restored across video playback sessions
– (Playback) Video heads-up display now appears with video playback controls, instead of as a top appbar
– (Playback) Fall back to transcoding if Direct Play fails (fixes some channels that misreport video metadata)
– (Music) Progress bar wouldn’t progress every second time a track was explicitly selected from the list
– (Remote Control) Broadcast ‘Plex player’ status to network every thirty seconds
– (Remote Control) Fix crash when remote controller requested playback of transcoded content from a server not on local servers list
– (Remote Control) Requested media item didn’t always play when an iOS client was acting as remote controller
– (Remote Control) Use a dialog to request text to send remotely (fixes always popping a keyboard on tablets)
– (Servers) Prefer an available WAN connection to a server over an untested LAN connection
– (Interface) Updated icon to more conservative orange color

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