Netgear Powerline Music Extender Review

Powerline adapters carry your network over you homes power line cabling so you can extender your home network to places that WiFi can’t reach or isn’t practical. Over the last few years I have test a few set of Powerline adapters and use a set to get network to my server.

The latest set I am testing is Netgear’s AV 200 Music Extenders, not only are they Powerline extenders they are music extenders as you can connect the USB port on the device to a music system with the supplied cable. The adapter shows up as an Airplay target so from an iOS device you can send music from to the device, plus there are also drivers for Windows that will enable a PC to send audio to the device. So you could have the AV200 plugged in to a speaker system in another room and send music from your notebook or tablet to it giving you a multi-room audio system.

In this video I unbox the XAUB2511 adapters, show how the connected up and give the devices a try. The Extenders cost £108 on Amazon UK

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