Regular readers will know I am a big fan of MediaMonkey which is an app for managing and playing large music collections. The Windows app has been around for a few years and they recently launched a Windows Store app that works on Windows 8 and Windows RT. What I didn’t know until Peter sent me the tip is that there is an Android version in development.

The Android app is in the pre-release stage and can playback media on the device as well as syncing with the Windows version of MediaMonkey over WiFi. There is an UPnP/DLNA client built in to the app as well as navigation by category.

The app looks very good for a pre-release version and is free from Google Play.

A media player for serious collectors. This is the pre-release version for users who want to test out the latest and (sometimes) greatest…

MediaMonkey helps you navigate and manage and sync large music collections. Key features in the initial release:
– Content Navigation for Music, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Video, …
– Navigation by various subcategories (e.g. by Artist, Album, Composer, Genre, Playlist
– Playback (relies on native Android codecs), with replay gain (volume leveling), bookmarks, Lock screen support
– UPnP/DLNA client with download manager
– Contextual functions to manage single/multiple files (e.g. play, queue, playlist management, delete, use as ringtone, share, edit)
– Playlist management with hierarchy
– Now Playing views: Individual (swipeable UI for in-car use) / Tracklist
– Wireless sync with MediaMonkey for Windows

2 thoughts on “MediaMonkey app available on Android”
  1. The best feature has to be the ratings and play count sync. To my knowledge this is the only way to do it effectively without using itunes and even that was a cobbled together method.

    As you mention, it’s still in development so there are rough edges but if it ends up anything like the mediamonkey desktop app, it’ll be great!

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