April Patch Tuesday brings more Surface RT firmware updates

Microsoft Surface RT

Despite many firmware updates from Microsoft there is still an issue with the Surface RT and WiFi connectivity. Each month Microsoft releases a firmware update but I still get the Limited Connectivity issues occasionally especially when connecting to a 3G hotspot.

Last month on the Surface Blog Microsoft promised further updates to resolve WiFi issues and sure enough today there is another firmware update for the Surface RT. The Surface RT update history support page says the April 9th cumulative update includes Surface Wi-Fi reliability fixes and fixes the Limited connectivity issues.

Hopefully this time the issue will be fixes, I should know after a couple of days of use and its good to see Microsoft continue to push out updates for the Surface.

April 2013 updates

April 9 release

The April cumulative update includes improved Surface Wi-Fi reliability, connectivity in various scenarios, and performance improvements including:

Certain “Limited” connectivity issues resolved

Improves Wi-Fi to handle a wide range of access points.

Resolves system crashes caused by certain Wi-Fi issues.

There are also updates for the Surface Pro, the April 9th update for Surface Pro has other fixes including Surface Type and Touch cover connectivity issues. Details from the Surface Pro update support page.

April 2013 updates

April 9 release

The April cumulative update for Surface includes firmware and driver updates including:

Resolves an issue with on screen touch navigation in the UEFI boot menu.

Resolves some Surface Type and Touch cover connectivity issues.

Support for 106/109 keyboards on North American Surface devices.

Resolves an issue where toggling airplane mode would disable the Wi-Fi driver.



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