Media Center Health Monitor for Windows Media Center

Long-time readers will remember Media Center Health Monitor  an application and service that monitored the state of your Windows Media Center system that I first developed back in 2007. It monitors for missed recordings, low disk space and service issues that can occur with Windows Media Center. In 2011 the web site and service were taken off line when I moved servers and not put back up.

Recently I have had a few requests to resurrect the application even if it was just a standalone app and as of today the site is back and there is a new version of the tool (1.7)

The application runs on your Media Center machine and will notify you of Media Center events such as low disk space, failed recordings (tuner issues etc) and service issues. As well as getting notifications in the application you can also link it to the Media Center Health Monitor web site and have a central view of all your Media Center systems. Another benefit of using the web site is that the application can send email alerts and has RSS feeds for the master status and recording events.

So to get started using the application go to and create an account, then download the application from the download page and install the program. If you’re running 64bit Windows you will need to install both the .net SQL components and links are on the download page (also ignore the warnings about compatibly in Windows 8).

From the application you can setup the link to the web site and set what alerts you want to receive. From the system page on the web site you can view all your Media Center’s health and view individual status messages (good and bad).

The system is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (it will even give you an error if it detects the Media Center components are not installed) and is free to use. I haven’t done a lot of testing with the tool running under Windows 8 so please let me know if you find any issues.


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