Coming in at a street price of £70 the strangely snail-like Exclaims appear targeted as add on speakers for PC users and are in a price range where you do not really expect too much.

It would be easy to be critical of these powered speakers having listened to Edifier’s fantastic Spinnakers recently but that would be unfair.

Yes there is a lack of real bass but there is enough and yes the harmonics are not quite there (born out by the THD figures) which tends to lead to a lack of a perception of true depth in the music but whereas the Spinnakers can be compared with Hi-Fi offerings these should be compared with other PC speakers and there they truly win out.

The treble is tight and clear and the midrange is well extended (although it does suffer a little with the relatively high THD and  SNR below 100)

As with all Edifier products they tend not to add any colour to the sound. What you put in is what you get out. Transparent is a good term. Pianos sound particularly natural although guitars do lose a little in the harmonics.

For some people the lack of a sub-woofer will be aesthetically pleasing and certainly reduces the space they take up. However the bass is affected, I actually quite enjoyed the subtle low-end rendition but for people who enjoy thumping bass this will be a disadvantage.

The only connectivity is the external power supply, a link cable between the two speakers and a 3.5 mm stereo jack. It is also worth noting that control is limited to power on/off and volume up/down. There is no remote control but for the designed use this is acceptable.

Overall for the price these are very well worth auditioning for a small room PC audio system.


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