My Movies on a Mac

The My Movies team are looking for help testing the Spring 2013 release of My Movies for Mac OS X. The new version will be provided for free for testers (but its time limited) and has lots of new features:

What’s new

The update contains various of new additions and bug fixes, however the most important ones are:

Support for box sets.

Storage of meta-data for XBMC Frodo.

Storage of meta-data for Mede8er devices.

Storage of meta-data for Dvico TViX devices.

Storage of embedded meta-data in MP4 files.

Option to display covers in list view.

Performance improvements for large collections.

Export of database now contains the option of exporting cover images.

Support for retina displays.

Releases option to add titels by a release calendar.

The My Movies team are looking for feedback on the update and specifically feedback on the box set features.

If you feel like helping the team head over to the beta sign up page and make sure you read the notes before jumping in.

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