I really like Windows 8 and Windows RT however the built in Microsoft apps have come in for some criticism but this could change soon. Starting tomorrow Microsoft are rolling out the Windows 8 and Windows RT built in Mail, Calendar and People apps.

The Mail apps now has filters so you can show only unread email, organise folders from the mail app and flag individual emails. There is also a “smart content suggestions” where it will remember and suggest contacts you use the most. Composing emails is improved with an updated editor and content can be copied and pasted without losing the formatting from Word or a Web page.

The calendar app has an improved look and a new “Work week” view has been added. Also schedule assistant with Microsoft Exchanged is supported so you can see availability of a person you want to invite to an appointment.

The People app has been updated with improved What’s new features and you can post to your friends Facebook wall. The apps will be available tomorrow via the Windows Store app, hopefully there will also be performance improvements to the apps as well as the changes.

Via The Windows Experience Blog


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