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It’s patch Tuesday and Microsoft have issued an Firmware update for the Surface. The update has a fix for the Wi-Fi connectivity problem that I have seen many times. When you connect to Wi-Fi the Surface reports that it’s a “Limited” connection and won’t connect to the internet, I find this problem when I share my Windows Phone or Android’s mobile internet connection, not every time but almost. The only way I was able to get the Surface to connect once you get this message was to disable and re-enable the network card (or reboot the Surface).

The latest update fixes this problem and also includes fixes for issues with the integrated volume button, fixes random muting and has Trackpad performance improvements. Also included in the update is an “improved Type and Touch Cover typing experience on soft surfaces” which is interesting that it can be improved via a Firmware update.

The update should come down via Windows Update. Microsoft have a web page detailing updates to the Surface where they posted the details of the latest update:

March update:

The March cumulative update includes improved Surface Wi-Fi reliability, connectivity in various scenarios, and performance improvements including:

Fixes to Wi-Fi reliability allowing for better roaming and improvements to “Limited” connectivity scenarios.

Resolves issues with integrated volume button.

Improved Type and Touch cover typing experience on soft surfaces and when devices and keyboard are lying flat.

Resolves issue with random muting.

Trackpad performance improvements.

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  1. I’m really impressed with the way Microsoft are treating the Surface – issues are getting stomped on fast and efficiently. If this was an iPad or a Galaxy Tab, you’d wait 6 months for each update, and often even then your bugs typically don’t get fixed.

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