Raspbmc the XBMC distro for the Raspberry Pi has been updated and now includes the latest version of XBMC 12.1 as well as other updates. This updated XMBC has improved ApirPlay support and OMXPlayer performance patches and the updated Raspmbc build has fixes for audio popping issues, HDMI-CEC improvements and additional DVB firmware.

To get the update just reboot you’re Raspberry Pi and it should pull down the latest version. More details on the Raspbmc blog.

XBMC 12.1 which brings:

Improved AirPlay visibility for Mac OS and iOS 6.x devices.

General OMXPlayer and performance patches

Also added:

Audio popping via analogue is finally fixed (thanks Dom!)

I understand a lot of you wish to build your own modules. This has been made easy as kernel headers have now been included.

Pulse Eight’s libCEC library is upgraded to bring improvements to bring improved compatibility and bug fixes

Fix a bug where disabling the firewall may not be working.

Reduce stuttering when playing internet streams.

Added additional DVB firmware.

Fix for a security vulnerability that could allow users on the same network segment to gain control of the Raspberry Pi. Thanks to Justin Kelly for finding this. This does mean that you will now need to enter a username and password for Samba shares, which, by default, is pi:raspberry.

Fix for some issues with apt-get

Improved libRTMP library compatibility for playback of Internet streams.

What we’re aware of:

Issues with TvHeadend

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