Google Play Movies for Android

Google have updated the Android version of the Google Play Movies app (which now seems to be called Google Play Movies & TV). The updated app has actor info, related film info and song information when you pause a video. Also added is notification for new TV shows if you have purchased a season and you can search across your library and the store for movies and TV shows.

I tested it this morning on my Nexus 7 and didn’t see the any of the new info features and that could be because the Nexus 7 is using the phone UI (the release notes do say on a Tablet) or none of this is available in the UK. Anybody got it working?

What’s in this version:

On tablets, press pause to discover actors, related films, and even what song is playing. Look for movies with the info cards badge. US only.
Search across your library and the Play Store for movies & TV shows.
Receive notifications for new TV show episodes if you’ve purchased the season.
Select the “refresh” option in the overflow menu to checks for any updates to the library.
Now available in India!

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