gesturePad for iOS

There is a new remote control solution being developed for MediaBrowser, eventhghost and DirecTV. The app is a gesture based remote control and controls a device using http API. You control playback with gesture like swipe up and down, left and right and as you can see in the video works very well.

It currently works with MediaBrowser 2 (and support for 3 is coming soon), eventghost and DirecTV. The developer says it will also work insteon devices and could be modified to work with other devices over http api.

The source files are on github and is developed @treason


gesturePad is a gesture based remote control application for controlling device’s with an http API. Run on iOS 6+, iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

Currently controls MediaBrowser 2 (mb3 in testing), eventghost and DirecTV natively. Also tested with insteon devices, and is totally extendable to any device with an http api

Using modified xml files users can add new devices/actions, and by creating and modifying custom gestures.

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