DVBLink for Outlook

The DVBLink addin for Outlook we told you about recently is now in public beta. The addin turns Outlook’s calendar in to a full featured EPG for DVBLink and can stream recorded and live TV.

You can sign up at GeniusConnect DVBLink for Outlook board and the beta is free but you will need DVBLink Connect! Server.

Here is a video of the addin in action

DVBLink for Outlook turns Outlook calendaring to full featured EPG guide with program types category coloring, recording management, Live/Recorded TV watching.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Please sign up on our support forum and subscribe to GeniusConnect DVBLink for Outlook board.

Download free BETA…

BETA Limitations:
Only direct HTTP streaming ( no transcoding )

Requirements EPG, Recording management:
DVBLink Connect! Server,
Microsoft® Outlook® 2007/2010/2013

Watch TV/Recordings:
Media Player (Windows Media Player,  VLC etc..)

Supported folder types
Root Folder: Any folder
EPG Folder: Calendar

Configuration steps…

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