Amazon Store app for the Windows Store

Amazon have updated the Windows Store version of its Amazon store app. Amazon don’t say much about the changes apart from the 1 Click Ordering/Payment Feature which was in the previous versions and performance improvements which Amazon say they have made significant performances improvements to the user experience. The Amazon app enable you to browse the Amazon store and make purchases from the metro UI.

Having just updated the app it does seem a bit faster but I can’t say I had any issues with it before.

The app is free from the Windows Store


Release notes

*New 1 Click Ordering/Payment Feature
*Performance improvements

The Amazon app allows you to quickly make purchases, search, compare prices, read reviews, and share products with friends using a simple yet elegant interface. Shop just as you do on the web.

You can access any of Amazon’s sites around the world from a single app by simply selecting your desired Amazon country store or shipping destination. You have full access to your existing cart and wish lists.

Search for products using the Amazon app, and easily add them to your shopping cart to purchase. (Note: the app uses the Amazon search engine, which is a non-Microsoft commerce engine.) All purchases made on Amazon are routed through our secure servers just as they are on the web. We value and appreciate your feedback, so should you have any questions, comments or concerns please email us at [email protected].

***We have made significant performance and UX/UI improvements in our latest update so please make sure you have the latest version of the Amazon Windows 8 shopping app downloaded and tell us what you think.

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