DVBLogic have an iOS app for viewing TV on an iPad or iPhone from a DVBLink server and it uses server side transcoding to get the stream working on iOS. This works great when you are running DVBLink server on a PC with enough processing power but can be an issue if you’re running on a low power device or a NAS that isn’t capable of performing the transcoding. But today’s update for the iOS version of DVBLink (v1.3) enables streaming without the need to use server side transcoding via an an app for iOS called 8plater lite that will play the streams. You still use the standard iOS DVBLink app and it uses 8player lite in the background. So you could run DVBLink server on a low power NAS box and view the stream from the app without needing transcoding.

The 8player lite app will also play content from UPnP and DLNA server and can play many video formats including mp4,wmv,mkv and avi and looks like it may be worth having.

8player Lite is free from the iTunes Store as is the updated DVBLink for iOS app.

Details of the app 8player Lite app:

8player is the latest application for Video, Music & Photo streaming from any compatible UPnP/DLNA server. You can view your media on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or use 8player as remote control for your DLNA compatible player. 

Supported media formats: 
– Video: mp4, mov, m4v, 3gp, avi, mkv, mpg, wmv, asf, flv, ogg, vob, etc. 
– Music: mp3, aac, wav, aif, alac, flac, wma, etc. 
– Images: jpeg, png, gif, bmp, ico, tiff. 

By purchasing the 8player you acquire: 
– Regular updates 
– User-friendliness (even a child can easily understand and use this application) 
– Extraordinary, unique interface (including live backgrounds, variety of styles and different visual effects) 
– iOS 5 support 
– AirPlay support 
– Background audio playback (8player continues playing after you press the home button) 
– Playback over 3G! (below you can find instructions for 3G playback setup) 
– Remote control for your DLNA compatible players 
– Gestures support (you can use swipe gesture to go step back)
– Subtitles support
– …and much more!.. 

DLNA is a standard which enables media content exchange between compatible devices via home network, as well as photos, music and video display in real time mode. 8player enables to use your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch as a part of digital home. DLNA is a technology utilized by millions of people. Join in! 

You don’t need any additional software or additional configuration. 8player uses the media server you already have and automatically recognizes devices in your network with no need of manual configuration or settings. Just turn it on and watch video, listen to the music or view photos in the network. If you don’t have DLNA/UPnP servers, you can use embedded Windows 7 server (built in Windows Media Player), or download any other free server. 

*** 3G playback setup *** 

To set 3G playback please follow this instruction: http://08software.com/products/8player/3g

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