This is written for XBMC V12 Frodo. If you want to be able to send event notifications from Vera to your TV screens running XBMC read on.

First you need to enabled HTTP control in XBMC, to do this go to System – Settings – Services – Webserver. Enable “Allow control of XBMC via HTTP”.

The default port number is 8080, my user name is xbmc I did not set a password.


Now for a quick test, open a web browser and enter this in to the address bar and hit enter{%22jsonrpc%22:%222.0%22,%22method%22:%22GUI.ShowNotification%22,%22params%22:{%22title%22:%22Motion%20Detected%22,%22message%22:%22Front%20Door%22},%22id%22:1}

Change the IP address to the IP address of your XBMC PC. On your XBMC it should pop up with a notification that has a title of Motion Detected and the message says Front Door.



Customize the HTTP command to change the title and message text for your own purposes.{%22jsonrpc%22:%222.0%22,%22method%22:%22GUI.ShowNotification%22,%22params%22:{%22title%22:%22Motion%20Detected%22,%22message%22:%22Front%20Door%22},%22id%22:1}

I have an Everspring Z-wave motion detector outside my front door, so I can monitor if someone is outside my house at my porch. In VeraLite I have a scene that turns on my porch light when this motion sensor detects movement (If its night) and it also sends the popup notification to the XBMC PC in the living room.

To do this simply click in to the Luup tab of your scene and add in the HTTP command string.


You need to add some extra code however, the bits highlighted in red below are what you need to add for the HTTP command to work in Vera.


Click the Save Lua button, then confirm changes – Save and Reload Vera.

Now try running your Vera scene and your new notification should pop up on your XBMC / TV screen.


Job done!

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