Turn by Turn app CoPilot for Windows Phone 8 announced

CoPilot for Windows Phone 8

One of the issues I had with Windows Phone 8 when I first got my HTC 8X was the lack of good turn by turn navigation. On Nokia devices there is Nokia Drive Beta which was recently release for none Nokia
Windows Phone devices but still I found the app pretty basic and there was no traffic information built in. But there is a good news for Windows Phone owners, CoPilot the turn by turn app I use on Android and iOS is coming to Windows Phone. The app has voice guided navigation with maps downloaded and available offline as well as live traffic notifications, all the features of the iOS and Android version.

The app is expected to launch in the summer priced in line with their iOS and Android apps (The Android UK version costs £19.99)

CoPilot for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 brings a complete suite of advanced navigation features that can help make every journey easier, including:
• Clear, non-distracting 3D map views with lane arrows and signpost display
• ActiveTraffic™ calculates the fastest routes and accurate arrival times, based on live traffic flow information
• CoPilot ClearTurn™ makes navigating complex junctions easy
• On-screen speed limit indicator and excess speed warnings
• Advanced trip planning with a choice of three routes and drag-and-drop route editing
• Comprehensive local search with integrated Yelp, Wikipedia and Google
• Global map regions available to purchase and store on the device as required

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