The guys have Plex have an interesting blog post about the brand new and re-written version of the Plex Android app. As well as detailing the new features of Plex for Android there are some interesting comments about the changing state of Android development and how much momentum Android currently has. It kind of echoes my view that iOS is a great operating system but the pace of Android development is moving it ahead of iOS.

Back to the app, I have to say it looks great. It’s been completely re-written including Google Cloud Messaging, lock-screen music controls and global search. The app targets Android 3.2 (keeping it working with Google TV) so won’t support old Android devices but looking at the video demo of the app it looks like it’s the right move. In the video you can see the new app working as a Media Server so you can stream content from the app to other Plex clients.

The app will be on Google Play later this week but you need a PlexPass (Plex’s premium beta program) to use the app. For non-Plexpass users it should be available as free upgrade when the app is out of beta.

You can read the full post on the Plex blog and checked the video made my Plex:

We targeted Android 3.2 or newer, used some great platform features (Google Cloud Messaging, lock-screen music controls, global search integration), and you’re going to love it. It also supports PlexSync. To everyone who has been patiently waiting, I apologize for the delay, but it will have been worth it. The app is fast, smooth, and beautiful. It uses paging and infinite scrolling and network data compression, which means access to giant libraries is super fast. It supports the same rich filters you’ve gotten to know and love from Plex/Web. And most importantly, it’s a great platform to build on.

We’ve prepared a little video which shows off the new Plex for Android (codenamed Kepler, in case you cared). You’ll want to watch it all the way through, because in the video you’ll see unveiled a surprise MAJOR feature (never seen before) that will literally, blow your minds.

We didn’t just set out to make a great Plex Android app.

We set out to make the most beautiful Android app, period.

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