PlayTo Receiver for Windows 8/RT
There are a few apps for the Windows Store that you can use to pull content from a UPNP/DLNA server like MediaMonkey but so far there hasn’t been any that work as a receiver. Today I came across an app that is a DLNA client and works with Windows 8 and Windows RT.

The app is very simple the developer says it will receive audio, video and pictures. I tested it with my Surface RT and it would only play music files, also the app needed to be open for it to work but you could push it off to the sidebar. The app could do with some development as there is no user interface to speak of, just the basic load screen. It would be great if there was notifications and maybe some options other than the volume control.

So for sending music to a Windows 8 or Windows RT device this is a nice little app, the app is free from the Windows Store.

Sending music to the Surface RT

PlayTo in the Windows Store

Details from the Windows Store:

PlayTo Receiver allows you to stream Audio and Video content to any Windows 8 device from any DLNA enabled source on the network. Use any DLNA device such as a Windows Phone with the PlayTo app installed to deliver audio and video content to any Windows 8 device on your network with the PlayTo Receiver App.

1.1 Update – Corrected issues with PlayTo audio from Surface and Windows 8 Devices, also added Troubleshooting link with additional tips, thanks to Denis for the heads up in the review. Please use the support email at: [email protected] if you have additional issues.


Video displays properly in all View States

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Scales beautifully to all devices from 10″ tablets to 27″ and larger displays

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