Have performed excellent service during CES my Microsoft Surface has become my go to device, I use it for browsing the web, catching up on Facebook/Twitter and blogging. So when on Monday evening my Surface crashed and then wouldn’t boot I was pretty annoyed. My Surface wouldn’t get past the startup logo and no about of button pressing would bring it back to life. So I looked at the warranty options with the Surface and they offer two programmes, one where you return the device and they send you a replacement and one where they will ship a new device out to you immediately and include packaging for you to return your Surface. If you choose the advanced warranty option they take a reserve charge on your credit card but they don’t actually take the money as long as you return the broken device within 10 days.

So on Monday evening I reported the problem and on Wednesday I had a brand new Surface in my hands, it came with pre-paid shipping labels for the broken device which was collected yesterday. From a broken device on Monday I was back up and running on Wednesday.

All my music was stored on a SD card and my documents and pictures are either in SkyDrive or Dropbox so I haven’t lost any data and Windows RT downloads most of your settings so it was easy to get back up and running, all in all an impressive service. While it not very good the Surface crashed at least Microsoft offer a good service, there are no Microsoft stores in the UK that I could take it to so this is the next best thing.

Overall I have been impressed with the service and I am so glad to have my Surface back as I kept prodding my Macbook’s screen forgetting it’s not a touch screen. I just hope I don’t have to test the warranty programme again!

My dead Surface
My dead Surface





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