The release candidate of MediaPortal 1.3.0 has just been released. Since the last beta (which you can read more about here) there have been lots of fixes since the beta including Titan adjustments, audio engine and TV-Server database fixes.

The next release should be the final version, you can read more and get the download from the MediaPortal site.


Highlights of this release:

Titan: many fixes and adjustments

Titan Extended: added support for more community plugins as well as bugfixes and tweaks

MediaPortal Audio Renderer: fixed a issue with AC3 encoding that could cause a memory leak

Themes: fixed a bug that could crash MediaPortal when changing themes several times

Videos inside Pictures section: a lot of problems have been fixed that where present when users tried to play their holiday videos along with viewing their holiday pictures

Thumbnailer: fixed a bug which caused the creation of a thumb to fail for files which have a semicolon in their name

Volume Control: A bug was fixed which caused that you could not increase the volume on a fresh install on Windows 7

TV-Server Database connection: fixed an issue in the upgrade procedure which could change the hostname in gentle.config to “localhost”

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