JRiver has released a Mac version of the JRiver Media Center application. I know our own Garry Whittaker is a big fan of JRiver (see this video we recorded last year) and now Mac users can enjoy the high quality audio features of JRiver.

The Mac version costs $24.98 if you buy before March 1st where it will go up $5. At the moment the app is in Alpha and there are new builds a couple of times a week.

Details from the JRiver forum:


Alpha builds are now available in a thread near the top of this board.

Once or twice each week, there will be a new build posted in the same location.  Please download and install it.

It will initially be rough.  Expect lots of bugs.  Don’t expect quick fixes for them.  We still have a lot to do.  We will do our best.

Early builds are a direct port from Windows, so they look like a Windows program.  We will concentrate first on stability, second on big bugs, and third on making the program look more Mac-like.

The first builds will be audio only, and some features will be unavailable in the first month or so.  A few may never be available.  When the feature set is more complete, we expect to add images, but this may not be a free upgrade.  Video support will take longer, perhaps as much as a year.

See the “Scope” paragraph just above.  We don’t have a detailed list or a detailed plan at this time, so we may not answer questions about specific features that you would like.  Our goal is for MC Mac Version 18 to provide an audio experience that is equal to that of the Windows version.

As of today, the cost of a license is $24.98, almost a 50% discount from the current list price.  This discount is our way of saying thank you for your patience while we complete the product.

The first few builds will have a 30 day timeout, so you will need to download and install a newer build 30 days later.  We’re doing that to phase out software that has known problems.

It’s $24.98 at this time.  We expect to raise the price by $5 each month until it reaches $49.98.  Do not buy it unless you’re willing to take a chance.  We will not offer refunds.

While the price is discounted, there will be no additional discount offered for anyone who has previously purchased a Windows license.  We will revisit this later.

In the first month, we will have more bugs to fix than we have time, so don’t worry about reporting anything minor.  When you do report something, make sure you have the most recent build installed, and then report it in the thread that announced the build.  It will be found near the top of the board.

Under the Help Menu, you can use Check for Updates to find the latest build available.  The automatic update system, Update Channels, is only partially working at this time.

Our support is entirely on this forum.  You can read more in the post called Is this support?.  In the first few weeks, we may not be able to answer every question, so please be patient.

You can find a purchase link here:

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