Last year I wrote about the iPhone remote control app for Windows Media Center called InControl and today version 3.1 has been released. The new version adds support for Windows 8 (and removes support for Vista) adds new activities like opening and closing the DVD drive and powering off the PC as well as new navigation options.

InControl is a very powerful remote control app. It has a TV Guide, mouse emulations, RS232 for controlling devices, navigation and browsing of Media Center control.

You can install the server from the developer’s website and you will find the iPhone app in the iTunes app store.

Release Notes inControl Server v3.1.0

NOTE: Windows Vista is no longer supported in this version!


◦Adds support for Windows 8

◦Adds new activity command for ejecting/closing the CD/DVD/BD drive tray

◦Adds new activity command for restarting the computer

◦Adds navigation possibilities to the “Media Center Control Command”. This means that it is now possible to create activities for navigating to the main MCE menus, such as “Music”, “Recorded TV”, and many more.

◦Removed dependency to “Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5” in order to simplify installation of inControl Server

◦Modifies color scheme of the “Select Channel Icons” menu in inControl Server in order to match colors of the “TV Guide” menu in the client. The new color scheme will better show how the icons will look like in the client.

Bug fixes:

◦Complete re-implementation of the volume control functionality in order to make it more responsive

◦Solves touch pad lagging problem. The mouse functionality is now butter smooth and enjoyable to use.

◦Solves some problems with the “Switch Display” command of the activity toolbox

◦Solves problem that recording image is sometimes not shown for recently recorded programs

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