VLC for Android

The VLC team have released 9th beta of VLC for Android. The beta has new audio and video output methods using OpenSLE ES which VLC say should fix audio and video sync issues.

I have found VLC for Android to be pretty stable and will play all sorts of video formats. It’s free and available from the Google Play Store

What’s in this version:

This is the ninth beta of VLC for Android.
The new beta is an important release after 0.0.8; it tests new audio and video output methods, and fixes many bugs.
The audio now uses OpenSL ES, which should help improve audio/video sync. However, a preference setting allows you to use the former method, AudioTrack (Java).
For video, one can now select YV12 output: it should be faster, if it works 🙂
For older devices, 16-bit output should help display speed.
But remember, this is still a beta 😉

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