I love the idea of a smart watch and this one I saw last night called MetaWatch. It uses Bluetooth to communicate to an Android or iOS phone and can it notify you of email, weather and other notifications as well as text messages and caller ID. You set the watch up from a dedicated app on your phone and it means you can leave your phone in your pocket but still see what is going on.

In this video I get a demo of the features and a look at some of the models.


One thought on “Video: Metawatch Smartwatch at CES 2013”
  1. I received mine this week. I pre-ordered it about six months ago. It does work as advertised, although I look forward to some updates to enable things like email notifications. It is nice to have it with two-way communications (something the old SPOT watches did not have). The audio control feature really is interesting if you also have AirPlay enabled on your iPhone.


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