Logic3 are producing Ferrari branded audio accessories including headphones and speaker systems. Over Christmas I reviewed the T250 headphones which are very nice headphones and in this video I am reviewing the Ferrari Cavallino GT1 speaker dock.

It’s has a 6.5″ subwoofer, high quality audio amp with DSP and has a leather and brushed metal design. It comes with an Apple connector (so you will need an adaptor to use it with a Lightning port device like the iPhone 5), USB port, audio input and Bluetooth.

When I unboxed it the first thing I noticed is that it’s heavy and that is probably why such a great sound, there is no substitution for a big subwoofer when you want a big sound and that is what it has. At lower levels you get a very clean sound and when you push the volume up you get a great bass sound. I connected it up via Bluetooth to my Nexus 4 and was really impressed with the audio quality. If you connect an iOS device to the dock you get prompted to download an accompanying app that is a Ferrari styled desktop app that has things like a clock, weather, speaker dock settings as well as having Ferrari car sounds which you can use as an alarm.

The dock is very well made and has a great sound, the iOS is a nice addition but not essential which is good news for Android and Windows Phone users. I have to say its a quality product, the GT1 is £499 and it is available in Selfridges. It’s not cheap but it has a fantastic sound.

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In this video I unbox the GT1, connect it up via Bluetooth to my phone and put it through its paces.

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