At CES 2013 I visited Bluetooth’s presentation on various applications of the technology. In this video I checkout some of the different applications of Bluetooth.

The first part of the video looks at Lumo Back an iOS app that uses a Bluetooth 4 powered device that you put around your waist than monitors your posture and alerts you if you don’t sit correctly.

Also I had a demo of the iGrill a Bluetooth enabled food temperature monitor, iNotebook which enables you to write notes in a paper notebook and it creates a digital version in an iOS app and iShower which is a shower Bluetooth speaker that has profiles for each family member so you don’t get your kids music when you go for a shower!

We also have a look at a Bluetooth remote control solution including a Bluetooth IR blaster that you can plug into any device that has a IR port on it and control it via Bluetooth.


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