The award for the busiest press conference goes to Samsung who this year seem to be the hot company. Samsung’s president started the event and talked responding to consumer demand for many form factor and devices expanding the tablet market and creating upgradable TV. Tim Baxter President of Samsung USA talked about the successes of 2012 and the major tends they are focusing on including connect devices for streaming, multiple platforms and Bring Your Own Devices

They talked about interactive content on the Smart TVs and how content can be shared between devices

The first product announcement was a new LED TV the F8000 an evolution of their LED range, it supports HDVC, has a quad core processor and a new UI. In the new UI is S Recommendation a new UI with natural language support and it learns your viewing habits so it can recommend content. The recommendation are time dependant so it bases the options on your daily patens. The new UI looks very slick and I am looking forward to playing with it. There are also gesture controls, social media connections and plenty of apps.

They showed off the Evolution kit that will upgrade a 2012 TV to the 2013 version complete with the new UI of the 2013 models and depending on the price will be something I am going to look at.

They previewed a new OLED TV with Mulitiview, this enables two people to simultaneously watch HD content at the same time (with built in ear buds), I am not sure who would want to do that!

Samsung showed off a 4k ultra HD display which looked fantastic and makes my new 55 inch look tiny and low res. They also talked about their Smart Appliances with an app enabled refrigerator complete with Evernote and it can change compartments from Fridge to Freezer and back again.

Also announced during the event was Smart Camera 2.0 and a Samsung camera app for Android which has things like one button sharing.

They had big boasts about their Android devices, saying the Galaxy S3 is the world’s bestselling Smartphone with 30 million sold so far. Samsung announce an LTE Jelly Bean version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

When it came to PCs they also talked about the new Series 7 Ultra with multi-touch and full HD display and the new touch enabled monitor, saying Windows 8 has brought in a new range of Windows devices.

For business there is Samsung for Business with device management for BYOD in the enterprise.

So an interesting press conference, the TVs look great and the Evolution Kit will please existing owners (depending on the price). I will have hands on with the new TVs, tablets and cameras later this week.










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