When I spent a month reviewing Windows Phone 8 on the HTC 8X one and one of the apps I most missed was turn by turn navigation. Nokia Windows Phone devices have Nokia Drive but there was nothing like that on the 8X which meant I had to go back to my Galaxy Note when I was traveling.

However that is set to change as Nokia are releasing Nokia Drive+ for free to all Windows Phone 8 devices (if you’re in United States, United Kingdom, and Canada). The app keeps it beta tag but it has full voice guided turn by turn navigation including offline maps and speed limit warnings.

I tested the app on my way to work this morning and while it’s a little basic it works fine, the only thing I found missing was the lack of traffic updates in it so while Google Navigate told me about the queues on the motorway Drive didn’t but as a satnav it worked very well.

So if you have a non Nokia Windows Phone 8 device download the app from the Windows Phone store

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