I may be a little biased to this book as the Author Simon May is an old friend of the Digital Lifestyle. Having said that it is genuinely a very good read if you are just starting out using Windows 8 on a Tablet device.

What I really liked are the clearly laid out pages with could use of images. Printing the book in a landscape format is  a really good idea and  has made it really easy to show the tablet screens.

Everything is written in pretty plain English although some technical knowledge is sometimes assumed.  The content seems accurate and up to date with the released version of Windows 8.

Now I’m pretty familiar with Windows 8 but even I found some things I just didn’t know about and it was nice to see Simon keeping in touch with his media routes with a nice section on using Play To.

All in all an excellent guide and the perfect ‘manual’ for Windows 8 on a Tablet and yes it is Plain and Simple.

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