FreeBSD is a Unix like OS and there is a port available for the Raspberry Pi. The distro isn’t an official release but it has been made by the FreeBSD community. It’s an early version of the project but if you’re curious you can get the download from the Raspberry Pi foundation.

Another day (a particularly snowy day, here), another distro. This is not an official release; this image has been built by the FreeBSD community (and we do expect an official variant from at some point). But this is very useful early access if you’ve been wanting to play with FreeBSD on your Pi; be aware, though, that this is not a finished, stable port, so you may encounter some bugs. We’ve put it on the mirrors system, but we’d be very grateful if you could torrent and seed the image too. You’ll need an SD card of 4GB or more to dd this image. (And if you’re not sure what any of this means, that means this probably isn’t for you – yet!)

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