As of Thursday 10th January 2013, it feels like the Park Household have rejoined the 21st Century, thanks to a small company called JibbaJabba, based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.  They provide broadband services to those living in rural locations, via WiMax.

jibbajabbaSo, now, rather than the measly 583kb/s we were receiving over a BT phone line, we now have a nice, full fat, 20Mb/s.  The difference is like moving from dial up to broadband – in short, now the internet is useful again!

Residential prices start from £17.99 a month:

Package Download* Upload* Bandwidth Allowance Monthly


10Mb 1Mb 60Gb £17.99 a month


20Mb 5Mb Unlim* £24.99 a month


40Mb 10Mb Unlim* £34.99 a month

Part of the install involves installing an aerial, about double the size of a sky+ remote on the outside of your house, looking towards one of their transmitters, and a small POE power injector which connects to either a router you provide, or one the company can provide.  The aerial acts as a new router on your network.

The only concern for me so far, is that they don’t want you accessing their router (in the aerial), meaning if you need any ports forwarding, you have to request that one of their engineers makes the change to the setup.  I’ve also had to ask about how to use dyndns accounts, although they do provide a static ip address as part of their setup.

This is the aerial they installed on our roof:


It’s not very obvious, or very large, so can be installed discretely, and the engineers will discuss possible options, when they find a suitable signal.


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