DVBLogic continue their quest for NAS domination with the launch of DVBLink for ARM based QNAP NAS servers. With DVBLink you can turn a QNAP NAS box into a DVR with DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 and ATSC tuners supported as well as IP sources.

You can then use apps on the iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows 8 to watch live and recorded TV. DVBLogic have a product page with a list of supported devices and you can read more about the products on DVBLogic.com

DVBLink product suite for QNAP NAS turns your QNAP NAS into a personal video recorder. With the support for satellite (DVB-S/S2), Cable (DVB-C and QAM), terrestrial (DVB-T/T2 and ATSC) and IPTV reception DVBLink TV Server will record your favorite TV programs in original quality directly to a hard disk of your QNAP NAS and distribute live and recorded TV throughout your house.
DVBLink TV Server makes sure that you never miss your favorite programs again – browse the EPG and manage timer recordings while you are on the go using free DVBLink apps for iOS, Android and WinPhone mobile devices.

Check out the product page for the features and the list of compatible QNAP NAS models.

We would like to thank all our beta testers for their valuable feedback!

If upgrading your installation from a beta version, please use the following steps:

Make a backup of your DVBLink installation

Uninstall DVBLink TV Server qpkg package (do not worry, this will not delete your recordings)

Install the release version of DVBLink TV Server qpkg package

Install all required DVBLink packages using DVBLink Package Center interface

Activate packages and restore backup

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