DVBLogic have released DVBLink for IPTV v4.5.2. DVBLink for IPTV brings internet video and audio sources as well as local videos sources like IP-enabled web cams into DVBLink which you can then stream over your network. The NAS version means you can bring in the video sources to a NAS box and no PC needed.

Version 4.5.2 has just been released and can be downloaded from DVBLogic.com

DVBLink for IPTV seamlessly integrates TV and radio channels from your Internet Service Provider or video from your IP-enabled web/security cameras into DVBLink server infrastructure.

Programs from these channels can be recorded onto a hard disk of your NAS and live and recorded TV can be streamed to Windows MediaCenter and its extenders, XBMC, DLNA clients, mobile clients for iOS and Android platforms and to web browser interface.

DVBLink for IPTV supports FTA (not encrypted) channels delivered using one of the following stream types: RTP, RTSP, UDP or HTTP. Live video from IP-enabled web or security camera, producing h.264 video over RTP/RTSP is also supported.

The release version can be downloaded using DVBLink Package Center. If you were using beta version before, please update your installation of DVBLink for IPTV using “Repair” option.

We would like to thank all of our beta testers for their valuable feedback.

As usual enjoy and let us know what you think!

DVBLogic team

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