Video: 1962 Elliott 903 Transistor Based Computer

At The National Museum of Computing they have some great old computer systems. In this video we get a tour of the 1962 Elliott 903 a Transistor Based Computer complete with punch tape and teletype console. The computer runs BASIC but as far as I know there is no twitter client available for it yet.

Here are the details from the Museum’s site

This is an (almost!) fully functioning machine which, having been found at a breakers yard some 15 years ago surrounded by bushes and trees, has taken long-standing volunteer John Sinclair many years to restore to the great condition you see today. As well as the system we have on display, John has also restored and maintained the 803B system at the Science Museum in London.

As with any good system we have it working hard each Saturday… playing tunes to amuse the visitors and Museum volunteers (who are not finding it quite as amusing after listening to it for several hours a day for many months). This is a far cry from its original use of planning bakery delivery routes or accounting, but it does allow the system to be demonstrated doing something and in doing so ensures its continued operation.

Three Elliott machines from the 800 and 900 series are on display at TNMOC.

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