Over the next week or so we will be reviewing a few items that might make good presents for this time of year. Kicking off our Christmas Gift Guide -The Edifier Aurora Speaker System

EDIFIER Aurora 2.1 PC Speakers - Blue

This is a little bargain 2.1 speaker system from Edifier in a range of metallic colours so you can match your décor. It comprises a colourful tube, the review speaker is a nice metallic blue, the tube that handles the bass output and two very small spherical satellite speakers.

Plugging in and getting started took no time all. So most importantly what does it sound like?

It has a very transparent sound but unfortunately not throughout the full frequency range. I tried it first with the iPod Nano and tried various different tracks and the music sounded a bit flat.

So then I plugged in the sonly Walkman and the sound was a bit better. This again points to a very transparent presentation – what you put in you get out.

I think the issue is with the Satellites as the bass speaker seems to be excellent. The satellite speakers seem to lack mid-range although they are very detailed and precise with a good soundstage.

The bass response is fantastic and far better than any other speakers I have come across in this price range.

They would be perfect for the computer game-player where thumping bass and precise positioning of effects is important. They are certainly stylish and come in a range of colours to fit most environments.

For the money and if bass is important to you then you should audition these speakers.

Model Number:MP300 Plus

Total power output:RMS 3.5W x 2 + 15W x 1

THD + N (testing level):10%

Signal to noise ratio:≥85dBA

Frequency response:Satellites: 230Hz – 20KHz | Subwoofer: 45Hz – 200Hz


Input sensitivity:Intelligent Sensitivity Adjustment (I.D.C)

Audio Input Type:3.5mm Stereo line-in

Adjustment:Master volume control

Subwoofer / bass unit:2 inch, Magnetically shielded, 4Ω

Midrange / high unit:1½ inch, Magnetically shielded, 4Ω

Colour option: Asphalt grey / Electric blue / Liquid silver / Luminous yellow / Midnight blue / Original red / Passion pink / Spicy red / Stormy black / Tangy orange

Dimension:Satellite: 59mm x 67mm x 59mm | Subwoofer: 280mm x 87mm x 59mm (W x H x D)

Weight:1.00Kg (Net) | 1.30Kg (Gross)

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