This funky little speaker is designed to be clipped on so you can enjoy your music as you cycle etc. You can plug them together with friends to create your own version of surround sound. So I guess this is a social speaker!


It is rechargeable and is quick and easy to set up. It comes in various funky shapes and you can change the speaker grills.

It is excellent in the mid-range and is completely honest that it is not designed to be a heavy bass speaker and you get advice on the settings for an iPod.

I plugged it in charged it up and it lasted for ages on the battery.

The speaker sounds bright rather than flat although as warned it did distort if bass at too high a volume was played into it. Having said that the sound was actually pretty impressive for a speaker this size and is actually very pleasant to listen too,

It comes with a retractable cable to connect it to your MP3 player or iPod.

It is designed as a speaker to use on your various activities and comes with a clip on the back that is quite firm to attach it to your jeans or bike etc.

It is low cost, fun and not at all bad to listen too. If you are into social music then this is likely to be a hit.

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