My Movies for Android has been updated to version 1.90. The update has lots of new features and an improved UI for Android 4.x devices.

There is a free version of the app and a paid full featured version. The update will be rolling out to devices soon, here are all the details:


Version 1.90:

Added: Extended watched functionality to keep track of watch dates and who watched.
Added: Extended functionality for use with My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011.
Added: Option to save filters.
Added: List customization option to specify yourself which information to show on the lists.
Added: New sort options to sort by genre, director and other options.
Added: Additional movie details, and additional filter options.
Added: Out icon on titles that are lend to others.
Added: Title text on wall and cover view for titles without a cover.
Added: Wodden wall graphics in Interface Customization section.
Added: Option to have personal details section open all the time through collapse personal details setting option.
Added: Don’t use sort title option, to sort titles by their title and not sort title (The Title vs. Title, The).
Added: Links to Mac and Windows software on settings page.
Added: Link on settings page to rate app on Play Store.
Added: Letter seperator on lists to avoid onscreen letter while scrolling on Android 4 devices.
Added: Coverflow view option on tablets.
Added: Swipe option on movie details page to swipe between titles.
Update: Various UI updates aimed at Android 4 devices.
Change: Interface customization put into separate area in settings.
Change: Title in collection opened from an a search result in the Add dialog now opens the movie details page, and not a search result page.
Change: Autodiscover function update for Windows Media Center remote.
Fix: Some trailers did not work after an update on YouTube.
Fix: Better support for interface on Kindle.
Fix: Incorrect sorting with umloud for German users.
Fix: Barcode scanner did not work on HTC Desire HD after a firmware update for it.
Fix: License check changes, allowing for the device to remember up to a month that it’s license have been confirmed. Avoids license issues on offline usage.
Fix: Interface did not look correct on Nexus 7.

Many additional minor fixes

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