On this week’s TDL Show (out tomorrow) we talked about the apps in need of updating the most in Window 8 where the Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging apps. Microsoft have just delivered an update that address some of the issues we have with the apps. The Mail app now has mail grouping where messages can be sorted by conversation and clicking on the message expands the thread, you can now respond to meeting invites from the inbox and Microsoft say performance has been improved in all the apps.

I have installed the update and the apps do feel a little snappier and People app hasn’t crashed yet which is a good sign.

Release notes

Group email messages by conversation to keep your inbox organised.
Respond to meeting invitations directly from your inbox.
Get things done more quickly with faster performance in all apps.
Experience better reliability and usability based on feedback from customers like you.

One thought on “Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging apps in Windows 8/RT updated”
  1. Good to see these updated, however, these look like old release notes which highlights another issue we have discussed. The Mail app already had conversation view and meeting response. Does sound like there have been additional speed improvements though. I’ll go force the update now.

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