I am really enjoying using the Microsoft Surface, I travelled with it this week and I left my iPad at home. I have to say I didn’t miss the iPad at one bit. I really like the Touch Keyboard, having a cover that doubles as a keyboard and mouse is a great idea and I have found it very handy.

There is another keyboard option for the Surface that may be good for when you have a more than a few words to type. The Type Cover works as a cover in the same way as the Touch cover but has physical moving keys rather than the flat surface. They keyboard has the same keyboard layout as the Touch Cover, there are media keys, search key, charms key and Function keys, it also has a trackpad that works with two finger scrolling.


The keyboard attaches to the Surface with the same satisfying click as the Touch Cover when the magnets pull it together. It’s 5.8mm thick which is thicker than the 3mm Touch keyboard. For the extra thickness you get a proper mechanical keyboard that you can touch type on very easily, much faster than the Touch Cover. It’s more sturdy than the Touch Keyboard and I found it better than other keyboard when its on your lap as the Touch keyboard is a little bit to flexible when not on a flat surface.

When the keyboard is folded away behind the Surface the OS disables it so you won’t get any stray key presses.


The keyboard doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the Surface but it does facilitate faster and more accurate typing. I am writing the post now on the Type Keyboard and it’s as good as using my laptops keyboard. The Touch Cover for it’s size and weigh is a great solution but If your planning to do some serious typing on the Surface then this is the keyboard for you. At £109.99 it’s not cheap but it is effective and it does make the Surface feel more like an Ultrabook.

Take a look in my quick video:

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