One of our favourite developers Martin Millmore of Millesoft has been busy lately, Ian recently wrote about a new Tunerfree app for Windows 8 and Windows RT now Martin has released a Windows 8 & Windows RT app for Vera Home Automation called Home Controller. You can see the app on the Microsoft site here.

For those of you that don’t know Vera and VeraLite are low powered router type devices which act as the primary controller for your Z-wave Home Automation devices. The one user interface that has been missing for Vera is a Windows desktop application. Home Controller has a free 7 day trial and is priced at $5.99.

You can find the thread on the Micasaverde forum for Home Controller here. Which is where you should post your feedback.

Millesoft also have a Home Automation add-in for Windows Media Center called Power Controller MCE.

Home Controller for Windows 8 & Windows RT:





Home Controller is the premier home automation controller for Windows 8. It works with the MiCasaVerde Vera home automation server to allow you to take control of your whole house from one easy to use screen. Bring all of the power of the MiCasaVerde controller to your screen, to control your Z-Wave devices where ever you are.
We are so confident that you will love this software that you can try it out for free for 7 days, then buy a license at the special introductory price!

Supports the following devices:

Dimmer Switches
Heating and Cooling controls
Window covers
Humidity sensors
Temperature sensors
Light sensors
Power meters
and any other devices controlled using the same protocols.
Also features auto local/remote switching, and supports accounts with multiple Vera servers.


  • Z-Wave control
  • MICasaVerde Vera integration
  • Home automation

If you are interested in purchasing a MicasaVerde Vera Z-wave system or any Z-wave home automation devices, or are looking for a consultant to help you with your own project, you can contact me as I am an authorised dealer and can supply to you these products at slightly cheaper prices than the main UK Z-wave online stores.

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