Microsoft have released pricing information for the Surface Pro. The Windows 8 powered device will start at $899. Many people have been waiting to see what the Windows 8 device would be priced at and at around £600 its competitive with ultrabook prices.

So far I love my Surface RT but the Intel version gives you a lot more, like being able to install your own programs and not just store apps.
No official UK prices yet, the Pro is due early 2013

More details at Microsoft

Surface with Windows 8 Pro is all new, and yet you can do everything you’ve ever done on your PC. Touch-enhanced applications run as smoothly as your favorite desktop software, so you can work the way you want.

Coming in early 2013. Starting at $899.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Pro pricing announced”
  1. I love my Surface too, but one of the things I love about it is the battery life. A 4 hour battery life on the pro means this is just a slightly different form factor of ultrabook, and that doesn’t tempt me quite as much. Get the battery life back up and I’m sold.

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