The MediaPortal development team have announced Alpha 1 Autumn release of MediaPortal 2. The new build has new plugins in the form of a News, Party Music and utilities plugin. The Skin has been updated and there are some interesting new features including support for Windows Media CenterTV formats (DVR-MS and WTV).

You can give it a try here and more information over on MediaPortal.

New Plugins

  • News Plugin
  • Party Music Player
  • Utilities

    Skin improvements

  • New movie layout (Reflexion)
  • VideoBackground (Reflexion) (Check video below!)
  • Improved readability in content area (Reflexion)
  • New background (RisingSkin)
  • Style rework (RisingSkin)

    New features and improvements

  • Better series and movie lookup:
  • Reading metadata from nfo files
  • Support for movie collections
  • Different PiP strategies: user can select if the current video should be “parked” in PiP, or will stay the fullscreen player (old way)
  • MovieThumbnailer creates thumbnails for videos where windows shell method fail (based on ffmpeg)
  • Added password control to SkinEngine
  • Added render events and statistics renderer plugin (F10 to enable stats, F11 toggle render strategies)
  • Online lookups (series, movies, weather) don’t block MP2 when no network connection is available
  • Videoplayer now support dvr-ms and wtv format
  • Extended and fixed Fanart service

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